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Thumbsuck book
Get Help Now With These Damaging Thumbsuck Habits! Something can be done about it.

Thumbsuck past age 2 causes damage to the bones and teeth. The damage will continue to worsen until it is stopped. Damage needs repaired at age 6 by Orthodontists heavily trained in age 6 Early Braces Intervention. If not treated with someone competent that gets results or no treatment is done until age 11 or older will require jaw surgery in most cases at age 16 costing $20,000 or more that could have been avoided.

Stop Toe Suck

Toe suck is just as damaging as thumb suck.

Stop pacifier suck

Binky or Pacifier suck is same damage as thumbsuck. Pacifiers should not be used past age 1.

Meet Dr. Donald Fox

Dr. Donald Fox

Dr. Fox, a 5 star rated, Award Winning Orthodontist, has been helping Thumb, Finger, Toe, Blanket & Pacifier Suckers for more than 25 years. He not only stops the habits, he's a world expert in the correction of the damage from these habits.

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