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The Royal Thumbsuck :)

How Kate Middleton reacted when Prince Louis sucked his thumb at Trooping the Colour

On Saturday, Prince Louis made his Trooping the Colour debut, and stole the show as he waved to the crowds on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Adorably, the 14-month-old revealed a very common habit among children his age – sucking his thumb.

Louis was seen doing this on several occasions throughout the day, including while looking out the window from inside the palace with his two siblings, Prince George, five, and Princess Charlotte, four. And when Louis started sucking his thumb during his balcony debut, his parents both jumped in to try and stop him. While William was holding Louis, he attempted to remove his son's thumb gently. The Duchess of Cambridgethen smoothly stepped in to help, taking his thumb out of his mouth effortlessly. Louis then went on to clapping and waving to the crowds.

There were several moments where Louis stole the show during his debut. The young royal nearly sent the Duchess of Cornwall's hat flying as a result of waving so hard. Louis had been expected to make his debut at Trooping this year, judging by his age. The royal is almost 15 months old; Princess Charlotte was 13 months old when she attended her first Trooping in 2016. George, meanwhile, was nearly two years old when he made his debut. The future King was too young to attend back in June 2014 when he was just ten months old.

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