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Stop Thumb, Finger, Toe, Blanket & Pacifier Suck Habits

Stop Thumb Suck Revolution title says what is … a Revolution … defined as a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people's ideas about it. No one in history has dealt with sucker habits for as long as Dr. Fox and developed techniques to stop these habits in a fast, successful, and positive manner.

Dr Donald Fox

Stop Thumb Suck Revolution is:

  • Fast – most adults and children (as early as age 2) stop in one week or less with many the first night to never do it again.

  • Easy to start – easy directions to increase communication with the adult or child about their habit;

  • Simple to follow and a fast fun read.

  • Full of common sense ideas and motivational tips.

  • Not negative punishment driven; only feel good techniques that enforce the desire to stop the habit.

  • Loaded with real one-on-one session conversations Dr. Fox had with patients.

Get Help Now With These Damaging Habits! Something can be done about it. Buy the Stop Thumbsuck book today >


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