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Stop Suck Habit

Dr Donald Fox, Orthodontist. Stop suck habit.

Hi, this is Dr. Donald Fox, orthodontists. I am an also an expert and different habits of thumb sucking, fingers, sucking, toe, sucking, blanket sucking and yes, binkies pacifiers sucking. You probably want to know, why would you be wanting to look at reading about a book that does this versus why doesn't the dentists know how to stop this problem? The dental field never has figured this problem out and use as different things. I call them crutches. That doesn't address the real problem that a child has because the child actually is making the decision every time to put their thumb in their mouth or their finger and they're causing damage. But you know, in the dental field it's resorted to things like there's a plastic guard that you put over the thumb called a thumb guard and it's very frustrating to the child. It can take weeks and weeks and weeks for the child to stop. also there is a, gloves that are black gloves and again, the child just takes these off, but again, doesn't address the problem. It's almost like a situation where you got some ID that smoking cigarettes. Why don't we just duct tape their mouth and or other techniques to get rid of the smoking versus helping the person to get the decision to stop the sucking their, to stop smoking. Same thing with sucking. There's also dentists and Peter donnas. Children. Dentists will put a device that's glued to the back Maulers. You see these rings here and it's got a crib and some of them have level's sharp barbs and then there's one down below. It has sharp barbs and it really makes a child feel bad because they don't know how to stop when they just know that they need to stop. Also, let me get over here to the damage. The biggest thing is the thumb can push the teeth up and out, but more importantly it can take those back up or teeth and suck them down so that now the bite is open. Now these are baby teeth back here. Now we don't want the permanent teeth to come into this position. Or would the patient need to have braces and jaw surgery? Also? There's, you need to find an orthodontist like myself. It's hard to find someone who is very well trained in early treatment. At age six. I have a master's degree and they don't facial orthopedics, which means basically I know how to do alter the bone structures of the face. I can get the upper bone structure here to grow out. I can get this lower jaw here to grow out if the upper teeth are bucked out that the child has to be in my hands around age seven. A lot of orthodontists have trained somewhat in that, but don't have formal degrees in it. I actually treated over 7,000 patients with facial deformities, particularly at age six, particularly in this case here. This patient here, when finished all the teeth came down and we also handled getting the mouth, fully under control so that the patient didn't have jaw surgery and didn't have any permanent teeth out. So I hope this helps you today. Realize that stop thumb's revolution has 37 techniques, uh, are you can try one at a time with your child if it's something very mild, but really is this three chapters in this book that addresses the problems of why the child is making the decision to stop or not stop thumb sucking. And these are very powerful from as pack a parent, particularly a mom. This book was written for a mom, not a dentist that you read this book on a Saturday and Sunday, roughly six hours each day. Very easy, fast and arrest and read for you to understand what is going on behind your child's problem. And then you then apply that to it only takes about an hour to hour and a half sitting down with the child. Once they're well fed, well rested, cause you all have their attention and they need to be able to talk to you. yes, this book works as early as age two, as long as the child can talk to you and carry on with sentences. If they can't carry on sentences and they're just distracted or they're bouncing around, you're, you're going to have to wait another six months because you're going to get very frustrated that the book doesn't work because of the challenges to immature. But there are many. I've seen as many as half the age. Two children can carry on a very good conversation about a movie or something they saw and you, you sit down with them and you'll know right away when you read the book and then you go to use it whether they're paying attention to you, but the book works and it really is very awesome. There's nothing negative in it and the child feels good. You feel good that they stop particularly this embarrassing habit. when it's they doing it out in public or their friends, find out again, it stopped. Thumbs suck. Revolution. It's at It's on available at Amazon, Barnes and noble and Applebooks, nook. It's in digital and paperback. Again, Dr. Donald Fox, orthodontists. I have offices from Deerfield beach, all the way down to South beach and South Florida, and I've been practicing for 31 years. And I really enjoy what I do and I look forward to helping you. Thank you.

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