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37 Habit Busters to Help You or Your Child Stop Thumb, Finger, Toe, Blanket & Pacifier Suck

37 Habit Busters to Help You or Your Child Stop Thumb, Finger, Toe, Blanket & Pacifier Suck

Interestingly, many parents have this same guilty feeling. She had tried numerous things to get her to stop. After I worked with the child numerous visits the child stopped and the mother came forward and stated I did an awesome job, but she was further embarrassed to tell me that her child also sucked her right large toe, her child also sucked her right large toe. My first response was, of course, “Why didn't you tell me?” She stated, “I’m embarrassed and thought she would stop the toe habit when she stopped the thumb habit.” I then asked, “Was there anything else that I need to know about? She said, “No.” And, we all laughed. We did the same techniques all over again and she stopped the toe suck. Then, the child told me … and the mother didn't think anything about it … that she also sucked a blanket. She took the corner of a small blanket and folded it up into a knot and sucked on it. We then went through the technique a third time to get her off that. It was at that time we noticed the changes in her, as mentioned later in this book, about how a child doesn't seem like a baby any more and more importantly they no longer talk like one. Yes, many thumb suckers still not only suck as a one-year-old, but act and talk like one … yet this magically disappears when the thumb habit vanishes. To handle the problem, I dug into books and discovered things I really hadn’t understood about thumb sucking. I found misleading facts I had been told in the past and assumed were true. Once I cleared up the confusions on why children and adults thumb suck, I started to think the opposite of how everyone else did including psychologists. Then, the cure for thumb sucking was discovered. Children and adult thumb suckers didn’t lack psychiatric chemicals in their brain that caused them to suck.

There are patients who exist who do have mental problems... let’s get real. I don’t want to argue with the mental field, but most thumb sucker patients don’t fit into this scenario. This thumb suck problem needs handled little by little i the proper sequence. One doesn’t go to second grade without completing first grade.


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