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How to get a thumbsucker to realize they already have the power to decide to stop

The power to decide processes helps the child realize that he can stop his thumb suck habit. The keyword here is decide. To focus on this word while you do this entire book is where 100% of the success lies. It isn’t hope someone will do one or two or three of the processes or other helpful ideas.

The power to decide processes are seven basic EZ techniques:

1 Get the child to see themselves suck in photos taken earlier in this book.

2 Go to the mall with all your friends.

3 Have someone stay over and spend the night that is a celebrity.

4 In front of your class or at a meeting in front of your coworkers.

5 at a birthday party with all your friends.

6 Play baseball, softball or football with all your friends.

7 nothing you can do about the past, except to look at it in your mind as if it was photos in a photo album. Now and into the future is how problems are resolved.

The above EZ techniques are simply a technique that falls under one exact precise word to DICHOTOMY.

found it in the business dictionary.

The definition of dichotomy: division of one thing in two parts, normally differ or oppose each other; The state of being twofold, have two different components. People discuss the dichotomy of body and soul, men and women, or eastern and western culture.

Dichotomy is to look at some thing and then look at the opposite of that same thing. You will figure out what you’ve done and what you’ll do whether it’s personal, business or in a relationship. Another way to say this is look at how things are and then look at how they are not.


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